My I strarted a new blog

I started a new blog because i want to Compere my visitors and comments each Day  I knew it was goeing to be a big job but i got my brother to help me  I hope he helps  And i reckon my Family will help me.                       

Everyone  reading this post could you please put this  url on you blogroll   Thanks  Sam

My First Post

This is my first post   

I have just started a new blog it is called theblogatthebay   I hope you enjoy i love seing new visitors pop up on my clusrmap i love getting new countrys    i have also got a nother blog called sams blog about everything   you should have a look  here is the url        i love getting comments  as long they are positive   about my posts and my blog    could you please put this url 0n your blogroll     when you leave a comment  leave your url so i can visit my blog    Thanks Sam     !!!     (: